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Follow the Leader

Among the favorite neighborhood games that were played when I was a child was Follow the Leader. We were also big fans of Tag, Hide and Seek, and Red Rover. Wonderful games because there was no equipment needed, just willing participants. A good number of kids in the surrounding blocks joined when we played. Ages…

Hearing Your Own Oyez

Life is loud. Our society offers more and more entertainment and distraction, and it is getting louder and louder about it. As I look around, people seem to be unaware of the possibility of or the need for quiet. They seem to crave noise all the time. For instance, it’s hard to find a restaurant…

Seven Perfect Words

In retrospect, I can see many events in my life that have had distinctive beginnings and endings. A few examples of those for me are schooling; jobs (I am retired, I think); and some relationships (my parents are both deceased). The only constant, the one ongoing reality, is God—and his sense of order and purpose.…

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SonRise Community Church

That the Glory of God would be the glory of this City

Backyard Bird Nerd

"Consider the birds of the air...."

His eye is on the sparrow

Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit.


a work in progress


Learning through all of life's up and downs, with God as my companion.

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