Follow the Leader

Among the favorite neighborhood games that were played when I was a child was Follow the Leader. We were also big fans of Tag, Hide and Seek, and Red Rover. Wonderful games because there was no equipment needed, just willing participants. A good number of kids in the surrounding blocks joined when we played. Ages…

Hearing Your Own Oyez

Life is loud. Our society offers more and more entertainment and distraction, and it is getting louder and louder about it. As I look around, people seem to be unaware of the possibility of or the need for quiet. They seem to crave noise all the time. For instance, it’s hard to find a restaurant…

Seven Perfect Words

In retrospect, I can see many events in my life that have had distinctive beginnings and endings. A few examples of those for me are schooling; jobs (I am retired, I think); and some relationships (my parents are both deceased). The only constant, the one ongoing reality, is God—and his sense of order and purpose.…

Bookends, Bulwarks and Such

As a true bibliophile I love books, but also all things book related. Along with loving the appearance of books, you can add to the list the feel of them in my hands, and the smell of a new book is the sweetest perfume to me. If there is any other way to absorb them,…

Wait-Fors and Expectations

In years past, I made a New Years resolution right along with many people. Resolutions are nothing more than set goals with a new title. Some of my yearly goals I actually kept, but many more went by the wayside. Over the last decade I have begun asking God to direct me to a specific…

The Gift of Presence

One of my most clear Christmas memories occurred when I was 10 years old. I vividly recall receiving a pretty blue robe, and the best thing, a new AM-FM transistor radio. A big deal for a 10 year old back then! It is possible that I remember this so well because there was a photo…

A Different Thanksgiving Prayer

Each Thanksgiving I try to look at a different aspect of being thankful. This year I read the account of David’s acknowledgment of the deliverance of God in his life. Psalm 18 was written as the pursuit of King Saul was drawing to a close, or had already been accomplished. Portions of the Psalm really…

Penchant for Pockets

When I was a little girl my mother sewed most of my clothes. She was a good seamstress, and I liked what she made for me. I did not care about color or style when I was little, as long as there were pockets. Not just in pants or coats, as was typical at that…


Navigating the highways and byways of life can be tricky. Life surprises you sometimes. One example of this is when you are driving on an unfamiliar road and a road closure sign pops up, giving you barely sufficient time to adjust your trajectory. Or there is a bend in the road and coming around it…

All Sufficient God

When I have read about Elijah and the widow at Zarephath in the past, I have thought it an interesting story. But my interpretation of what the widow was facing, and how she faced it was short-sighted. My take on it is a bit different this time around. In 1 Kings 17, Elijah the prophet…


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