Restoring the Broken

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to know that the Lord is a repairer of all things broken.

It is not difficult to identify broken things in our world. Governments that mislead, businesses that don’t flourish, health care that isn’t enough, and most certainly people that are walking wounded. For centuries, mankind has struggled to create infrastructures and entities that succeed long term, and provide sources of income and provisions so that people can be properly cared for and thrive.

This whole thought process started as I was reflecting on what a throw-away society we tend to be. It is difficult to even find someone who will repair things anymore, we simply toss the broken items out (in our sadly overfilled waste dumps) and buy new.

There was a shoe repair shop in our hometown that my hubby and I frequented in our earlier years that no longer stands. The cobbler was extremely good at his craft. It was much cheaper to re-sole a pair of shoes than buy new, and the rest of the shoes were perfectly fine. Another example. I recently considered buying a new mini-grill because my old one was making some mysterious noises (I do too), but I realized the grill still worked well, so I’m holding on to it. Yet another example. One of my Bibles is decades old, with pages loose and some of the maps missing, but it has great notes in it, and it hasn’t been “revised” many times over! I’m keeping it.

God is not a throw-away God. He repairs, restores and transforms.

In Isaiah 58, the chapter addresses proper choices and observances. Part of it speaks of the right attitude when a person chooses to fast. In the last few verses the chapter indicates the results of good choices, observances and attitudes. Specifically, it says: “And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.” (vs. 12, ESV).

If you’ve ever seen a old piece of furniture being restored, or had the satisfaction of doing a restoration yourself, you know the thrill of seeing all the old, tired layers of paint and stain being stripped off, and the gorgeous tones of rich wood begin to shine through. That is how God works as Repairer and Restorer in our lives. He sees value underneath the worn and tired.

Further on in the book of Isaiah, chapter 61 speaks of Jesus and the good news he brings, how he will bring liberty and gladness to worn and tired Zion. Verse 4 in particular describes, “They shall build up the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former devastations; they shall repair the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations.”

Maybe you can apply this more directly to some relationships in your life. Perhaps you have made some mistakes with a friendship and you don’t know how to fix it. Maybe you have a family member that has trouble relating to people and it has caused you pain or the loss of potential or existing friendships. God can and will transform those relationships; if you are praying and trusting, He is at work. He is a healer of the bruises and restorer of the breaches in your life.

Matthew 4:23 says that when Jesus walked the earth and lived with his disciples among the people, he taught in the synagogues, preached the gospel of the kingdom, and healed “all manner of of sickness and disease among the people.” (KJV) It is interesting that “manner” is an Old Testament word used in the New Testament in this reference, according to Strong’s Concordance. It means: a road or course of life, among other definitions.

We can trust that the Jesus who taught, preached and healed back then, still does so today. And, He does so along our course of life in every way—physically, mentally or emotionally in every situation that we need it!

4 thoughts on “Restoring the Broken

    1. Yes, Lord! You reign!! Thank you that you find value in our lives and know all things therefore You know how to strip us and restore us good as new! God knows what we have need of before we ask. Thank you, Jesus for the word and faithful followers.

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