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When my grandchildren come from Iowa with their parents for a visit, I often find little reminders later that they have been here. Grandchildren leave things behind in the repacking sometimes, like a hair bow, a sock under the bed (those socks are always escaping somewhere), or a Lego guy or weapon. They left-behinds alwaysContinue reading “Fingerprints”

Jettison the Junk

It might be interesting to evaluate all the stuff from all the closets, attics, basements and garages we keep during a lifetime. The word stuff in this blog could be defined as “something I might need, use again, or wear again”. It could also include, “something someone could use”, or “something my kids might wantContinue reading “Jettison the Junk”

On Becoming Perfect

Sometimes I slip, sometimes I stumble, and other times I completely capitulate to the coercion of gravity and fall flat on my face. Not graceful, not pretty, but very human. During those times, I have learned to show myself a little mercy. Although I grieve over my mistakes, I know I have a God whoContinue reading “On Becoming Perfect”

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Learning through all of life's up and downs, with God as my companion.

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