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The Time Element

Our ordinary, day-to-day life does not pass like the flip of a page. It does, however, establish its own timetable, and there is a certain natural progression to the rhythm of life. Life is continually unfolding-but it is longer than simply turning a page or going to the next chapter in a book. The timeContinue reading “The Time Element”

Safe Place

Happy, energetic voices bounced around me as I stood on the sunny school playground, watching the activity. My grandson, Jack, then about 7 years old, was involved in an intense game of tag with several of his buddies. He flashed over to me, touching me on the shoulder, and yelled, “Grandma is base!” I immediatelyContinue reading “Safe Place”

Timing Really Is Everything

In our relationships, jobs, health and even joyfully looking for the return of Christ, we wait on His timing in something. Waiting on the timing of God is no easy venture. It is a progressive lesson, that is learned more profoundly with each opportunity to wait and see what He will do. For each areaContinue reading “Timing Really Is Everything”

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